podcast June 16, 2023

Pair programing? We peek under the hood of Duet, Google’s coding assistant. (Ep. 580)

We sit down the PM behind Google Duet to discuss how it was made and how it aims to help, but not replace, developers.
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On today’s episode, we chat with Marcos Grappeggia, the product manager for Duet, an AI-powered assistant that can help you craft code by suggesting snippets—even full functions—as you write. Grappeggia explains why he thinks tools like this will augment, but not replace, the human developers at work today.

Episode notes:

Interested in trying Duet? You can get on the waitlist here.

You can learn more about tuning and deploying your own version of Google’s foundation models in their Generative AI studio.
If tuning a model sounds like a stretch, you can head to Model Garden, where a wide selection of open-source and third-party models are available to try.




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